Monday, May 5, 2014

You Can Earn Money Without Spending Your Own Money

So USUALLY I talk about all these opportunities that require a little bit of an investment to get started.  I do that because USUALLY those types of opportunities have a bigger return.  I understand, though, that not everyone has money for those investments.  No matter how good the opportunity may be, if you don't have the money you just don't have the money!

How about we start with free ways to make money online?  Then, maybe, if you want to you could take some of these earnings and reinvest into something bigger and better.

Just a few ideas... Oh, and most of these don't even require a phone!! ~ If you have a bit of a following on Twitter you can make some money by tweeting for various sponsors.  The more followers you have on Twitter the more you can charge for each tweet.

Be a User Tester ~ Website owners want to know how easy (or not) their website is to navigate.  So they pay you to negotiate their site, accomplish a few little tasks, and talk about your experience. ~ There are some things that JUST cannot be done by technology.  So business owners will pay you to do little tasks for them.  Available through Amazon so you know you can trust it! ~ Do you like dogs?  This is not necessarily online but it's definitely something you can do around your own schedule.  If you have a fenced in yard and a love for man's best friend, become a Pet Sitter for Rover.

Musicxray ~ What about music?  Do you like new tunes?  Listen to new songs and earn cash!  Like the songs?  You can help the artists be better at what they do by offering tips, a fan base, or even with a little bit of cash in return.

The Pincushion ~ Work for helping customers choose items that are best for them.  Don't worry, no phone needed.  It's done all via chat or email.  If you love shopping and talking about the newest trends, this may be for you.  It's easy!

Quicktate ~ Simple work of listening to some voicemail and transcribe them.  That's it!

Okay, that's it for today.  check them out!!  And come back later for a few more ideas.  And when you get ready to reinvest in some better opportunities, let me know.  I know of a some great ones!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Share Videos ~ Make Money

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Share videos that others will like to share and your income will grow exponentially.

Every video you share adds up and increases your revenue! Click HERE to Sign up for FREE!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

What Does It Mean When Your Phone Goes Cha-Ching?

Do you remember when cash registers made that sound?  Most toy registers still do that.  They make a cha-ching sound whenever you open the drawer.  It makes you think of cold hard cash, right?  Wouldn't it be great if every time you heard that sound, you knew you were getting "cash in your hand"?  

Well, guess what?  That's exactly what it means!!!  

Every time I make a sale (multiple times a day sometimes), my cell phone makes a "CHA-CHING" cash register sound!  
Often, when I'm standing in line at the store or fast food restaurant and my phone makes that sound, people ask, "What is that?" Do you want to know what is that cash register sound coming from your phone EVERY SINGLE DAY? 
The simple answer is this: "MONEY!"

When I show them what I am doing, 90 % immediately jump on board! 

No recruiting, no inventory, and you don't need traffic & no chasing your friends! 

Just Copy Items From Amazon & Paste Them On EBAY ---> GET PAID WHEN YOUR PHONE RINGS & MAKE A CASH REGISTER SOUND!!     Easy Work Folks!


There are 1000s of members who are making thousands of dollars weekly doing this! 

Watch the video by clicking the link below and get started today.  My team and I can't wait to help you earn your first sales and start racking up those cha-ching sounds!!  

Email me @

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Happens In Online Businesses When You're Ill?

I apologize for the lapse in time between blog posts.  The past few weeks have not been too good for me in the health department.  I have asthma, since the age of three, and this time of year seems to always have a habit of making my life a living ****, if you catch my drift.  It's the seasonal change when the weather can't seem to make up its mind.  It's cold one day, hot the next, rainy the next, and then back to being hot.  It's the thawing of the ground, the pollen, and all the other scents and changes of spring.  I LOVE spring for the most part.  I enjoy seeing what flowers are pushing up through the ground, the budding trees, and the "twitter-pattered" animals.  But the season doesn't always agree with my health.

So the last few weeks have been a struggle for me.  If you don't know what asthma is, it's a bit like trying to suck up air through a straw with a cotton ball on the other end.  Needless to say it makes it so I don't want to do much of anything but just get by.  It was tough enough having to go to my "scheduled" job.  Doing anything extra just wasn't happening.

So what happens to my online businesses while I'm down and out?  Funny thing about the online business market... most of them keep right on working even if you're not.  After the initial set-up time, it's pretty much on autopilot.  That's right!  Autopilot!  It didn't matter that I was lying in bed or on the couch every day.  My businesses still made me money.  Every once in awhile I have to hit a couple little buttons to keep them going, but that's it!!  Seriously, I had money coming in even on my "sick days".  It's pretty awesome!!

What are the best opportunities for your sick days?

Contact me.  I'd love to help you with some ideas.

Email or Facebook!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

I Won't Pay For Any Online Work...

... One of the many things I hear when talking about making money online.

So many people are under the impression that work should be free.  "Why would anyone pay a fee to work?" "It must be a scam if you're asking me to fork over an investment."  "All those work at home pyramid schemes, all they do is take your money and that's it."  Yadda, yadda, yadda...

While there are SOME work at home "scams" out there (and believe me I've been 'robbed' by a few of them), not EVERY work at home opportunity is a scam.  And just because they're asking you for some money, does not mean that it's a no-good pyramid scheme.

The last time I was hired for a "real" job (you know one of those that you commute to and punch a clock for), before I went to work on my first day I had to invest some of my own money into this new opportunity.  First I had to pay for the gas that went into my car so that I could drive to this new place of employment, not once, but several times (especially if you include the interview) to fill out paperwork and then of course to start my first few days on the job.  I don't recall this job handing me over any money for gas while they saw if I was a good fit for their business.  I also had to use my own money to purchase some new clothes because I had to have certain color shoes and pants to wear for this new job.  Again, this job did not offer to pay for these items.  Lastly, I recall having to purchase my own food since working outside of the home meant that I could not just grab something to eat out of my own refrigerator when I got hungry (and when my new job made me take an unpaid break - which by the way, sitting in a break room is not much of 'me time' if you ask me).  On the low end, I would say that my 'investment' totaled somewhere in the neighborhood of $100.00 of my own money before my new job decided to pay me for my work.

How much money do you spend on a daily or weekly basis going to your place of employment?

Yes, many work at home opportunities require some kind of investment (not all, there are some free ones out there).  But most of the time you do receive something in return for these expenses.  Usually you get training, a website, some sample products, and a new outlook on life.

So what do you say now?  Are you willing to take a leap of faith into something better than those traditional 'punch-a-clock' jobs?

What if I told you I knew of SEVERAL ways that you could earn a great living at HOME?  BUT you just have to be willing to hand over a little bit of your own money to get started?  I promise you I can make it worth every penny!!

Send me an email or buzz me on Facebook.  I'd love to get you started on something really great!

Take Care!!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yesterday I Was Reminded Why I Hate Working For Someone Else

Yesterday was one of those days where I received a nice big kick in the pants to move forward on all those things I've been "kind of, sort of" working on.  No more putting it off until the next time I'm not doing anything else or I'm too busy because I just want to have a couch potato day.  I can't make the life I want that way.  And yesterday reminded me of that.

I work two part-time jobs, which total somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 hours a week (or more).  That and taking care of household chores and (right now) we also have a new batch of puppies to care for.  Needless to say, there isn't much time left over for the "business" side of things.

Yea, we all need to make money while we're working on a BETTER way to make money but then it (the subject of time) becomes one of those excuses as to why things aren't really getting better.

The last few days at my one job have reminded me why I do all the work at home job research that I do.  It's because people deserve to feel important, to feel that the work that they do is appreciated, and to live the life that they truly deserve.  I realized, or remembered, this when my performance was not as important as simply wanting to feel like a human being while giving them that great performance.  Maybe to an outside party it would've seemed silly but to me, it felt like I was being treated like a child in a very adult position.

Anyways, yes, people NEED to feel like people, not like robots or children or whatever.

So I've been pushed to change my schedule so I have more time to spend on the opportunities that I KNOW will complete the lifestyle I have in mind.

Are you looking for a better match for your life?  Please take a nice long look around my blog site.  Or visit me on Facebook.  I'm always posting some great new opportunities to help you fulfill your dreams.  Good luck!!

 Jenetty's Place

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Several Ways to Start Earning At Home For FREE!

As you know I love to find ways to make money online.  Here is a short list of some great ideas that can help you get started.  Many of these are free to join/start/whatever.  You can JUST stick with the "free ones" or use the free earnings to branch out into the ones that require a startup fee.  I guarantee you, though, that these are all legit.  You WILL make money.  Even if you only generate a couple hundred dollars a month... hey, it's better than nothing, right?  And, by the way, most of these don't take much "extra time" to do.

So let's start with some FREE ideas:

#1-Open your own online boutique ! There are a couple out there that are ZERO cost to open and run and you can earn about 20-25%. You can sign up with no website fees or kits or anything. Try 

#2-Ibotta- one of several FREE Apps for your phone. This is a new way to earn money when you do your regular shopping. Totally free to join. GREAT referral program. LOVE this one! A smartphone is required.
Join Ibotta here 

Some other free apps that save you or earn you money include ReceiptHog, Jingit, Gigwalk, Field Agent, Checkpoints, Tooyoou, and Viggle. 

#3-Sponsored tweets- are you on Twitter regularly with a good amount of followers( think 500+)? Sponser tweets of your choice and earn some cash. Your amount goes up as you get more followers and post quality content.  This is so easy.  I use and love this Join sponsored tweets here!

#4- - Sell your designs or become an associate and sell their products. This has been great for my daughter who loves to draw and generate a little extra cash from her designs.

#5- Paid View Point- Easy FREE survey site and pays for referrals too. I don't normally like survey sites because they're usually boring and turn out to be a waste of time.  But this one only takes a few seconds each time and it always pays.  I've received a few checks in the mail from this site.

More ways on 

Stay tuned to my blog for more ways to earn money at home!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Many Things People Waste Money On

"My belief is that Spirit is right here in this moment, within us, surrounding us, embracing us, connecting us, and the more awake and aware we are to Spirit's presence within and around us, the more joy, abundance, and vitality we will be able to experience in our own lives. The mystics call it 'practicing the presence of God.' And to me, that is what life is all about."
~ Edwene Gaines

The many things people waste money on…
I think the last time my family and I went to McDonald’s we spent over $30.00.  Strange part of that was we didn’t even buy anything all that special.  Just a couple “happy meals”, a couple of the “value meals” (yea, right, I don’t know where the value is), and I just HAD to have a Frappe.  And that little bit came up to… I think it was $32.95.  Nuts, right?

My husband likes to “waste money” on the lottery tickets.  He likes to call it an investment.  I don’t know how many times we stop at the gas station to fill up our gas tank and he runs inside only to return with three or four scratch-offs along with a few instants for the nightly lottery drawing.  On any given trip, he will spend $15-$30, just on that silly game of chance. 

I know I’ve done some “silly spending” in my recent past.  A couple weeks ago I came across a neat little t-shirt from my favorite show, The Walking Dead.  I’m not really sure what lured me to waste money on that.  I’m usually a bit more practical.  I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 for a shirt that didn’t even fit after the first washing. 

Americans waste money on…
Americans, especially, waste billions of dollars each year on frivolous purchases or on items that provide no real value in our lives.
The habits of the average American include buying junk food, paying fines, and taking our chances at the casino.  When you compare what Americans spend money on to what people in other countries spend money on, it’s a bit sickening.
Which is why I never understand how people can be so “scared” to invest into a home business.  Suddenly, they’re the most frugal people on the planet and won’t even consider the option. 

Anything you do in life that generates income requires an upfront fee... the electric bill that gets paid when you fill out an online job application, the money spent on transportation to get to a job interview, heck there's even an upfront fee required to be a drug dealer (OK... that might be a bad example... just an environmental response). BUT... the point is that there is always a fee or an initial investment of something!  I know in the past, I had to waste money on SEVERAL trips to SEVERAL job interviews before I found and/or was accepted to the “perfect” job. 
You won’t waste money on…

THIS!  Think of this as an investment in yourself.  ANY business expense is tax deduction and really, what do you have to lose?  You may just find out this is the best thing out there since sliced bread.  LoL.  Hey, do yourself a favor, “waste money on” something that I know will be beneficial to you in the long run…

By now you are wondering what I’m leading up to, yes?  

If you're really ready to work at home, you can check out more of my blog for some wonderful work at home ideas.  Some are free, some aren't.  But don't let those start-up fees scare you.  Do you want to talk to me about some ideas?  Check into my contact info below.  I'd love to help you get started!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

We Are Kannaway

#Kannway is a hemp lifestyle company with a focus on nutritional wellness
whose products contain CBD rich hemp oil.

Literally thousands of people all over the USA have been waiting patiently
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This program is so sexy people are flipping out and the parent company has
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This type of opportunity which by the way has zero competition is going to
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You can also get more info here:

See you inside!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why Do I Share So Many Opportunities?

I would figure that if you are following my Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest page you would wonder why I share so many work at home opportunities.  I bet most of you have thought, "Oh my god, another one?" while scrolling through your feed.  First of all, if you are one of those people who aren't interested in working at home, I apologize.  I certainly don't mean to be a pest.  But please let me explain...

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted nothing more than to be a mom.  That's it!  A mom!  Occasionally I wanted to pursue other careers but being a mom has always been my deepest desire.  As life unfolded and I started on my mom career it obviously became apparent that no one was going to pay me to be a mom.  Somehow, someway, I had to figure out other ways to make money (well, if I wanted a house, car, food on the table, etc.). 

About 17 years ago, when my babies were actually babies I received a couple job offers for some rather nice positions.  One of which was for a bank teller.  After doing some quick calculations I figured after I put my children into daycare I would've received approximately $2.00 an hour and I would've lost all that "precious time with my children".  That just didn't work for me.

This began my pursuit of finding a way to earn a living while enjoying the career I had always wanted in the first place.  What started out as a means of survival has turned into a bit of a hobby.  It's a little bit like playing the lottery.  Sometimes I lose and sometimes I win.  When I find a possible winner (even if it's slight), I want to share it with others...

Why?  I don't think I'm the only mom wanting to spend every possible moment with her children.  I'm not the only one wishing to make sure my children learn MY values instead of someone else's.  I'm not the only one not wanting to miss out on first steps, first words, first sleepovers, and all those other firsts. 

I've been fairly lucky/blessed in my pursuit for work at home opportunities.  I have always been able to generate at least a nice part-time income at home.  I'm not rich.  I don't drive a brand new car or live in a hug house but I can pay some bills or get myself a little bit of spending money.  The more I've learned about the working at home positions that are out there, the more money I've been able to generate.  And periodically, I am able to help someone else make a little extra cash at home.   And for this reason alone, I continue on my journey. 

So, again, if you are one of those not interested in these "silly work at home ideas", I'm sorry.  Just ignore my posts and scroll on by.  If you want to earn a little extra here and there (or maybe even enough to replace your 'real' job), keep looking.  I hope one day I'll share something that sparks your interest enough to join me.

Until next time... 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This is Getting Fun! The Most Talked About MLM

100% Legal Hemp. MLM Just Launched

KannaWay products heal naturally.  A all natural product that is patented and protected.  Legal in all 50 US States.  The main component is CBD.  Year of testing and years ahead of the competition with product supply and production.  Packaged to sell Hemp Oil MLM style.

What is CBD?

On Feb.20th,2014 the pre-launch started.  In less than 36 hours over 5000 members had signed up to have the product shipped.  Quickly becoming the fastest growing MLM in history.  With all the buzz about this new but legal product, many people will be jumping on board. 

So what is CBD?  It is the healing side of the marijuana plant.  No illegal substance is found in the product.  CBD has no proof of claims to heal certain ailments, but is widely known to help with cancer, tumors, seizures, arthritis, sleeping disorders, muscle pains, back injuries, etc..,etc...,etc...  It is a all natural remedy.

Product ready company KannaWay has been planning for and creating a supply for up to 6 years for this very launch and very well positioned to control the industry of legal hemp for years to come. 

A massive out the gate launch has taken place in a few short days,  No mention of even a compensation plan and already 6,500 people have signed up to be a distributor.  Only those who are part of the MLM company have insight to how the official launch will take place.

If you are interested in selling 100% legal Medical Marijuana or hemp oil and want in on the compensation plan you need to sign up to the site with a code number.  The code number is 8462224.  Free to sign up till February 28th.  First product purchase must be made by the 3rd of March to be considered in the first compensation pay run that goes though the month of March.

This is getting fun. Over 10,000 people have registered for the buzz launch of Kannaway in 4 days.

Think you know what we are all about? Google CBD and find out for yourself
what our product line is and decide for yourself.

While everyone thinks we're getting high with the Hemp
based MLM we are actually getting healthy and wealthy

*No Competition

*Legally Shipping products to all 50 states

*Amazing buzz launch with over 10,000+ registered already.

*Extremely liquid parent company

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*Sexiest product out there which starts discussion

Do yourself a favor even if you might be skeptical and register and just
watch all this unfold and I think you'll be as impressed as I have been.

Join the #1 team

1. Go to

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4. Enter my sponsor ID: 8462224

Join us on our nightly webinars: Where :
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

What You Should Know About Ds Domination


I've been asked many of the same questions in regards to my affiliation with D$ Domination.  I thought it would be good to discuss some of those inquiries here.

Question #1 ~ What exactly do you get with your membership to DSD?

Answer: The basic level (of less than $20) to DSD comes with 20+ 24/7 video training to help you get started in the drop-shipping industry incorporating the powerhouse companies of Amazon and eBay.  You also get access to several software platforms that help you get the most of your listings so that you are able to sell more items quickly and easily. On top of this there are bi-weekly webinars, Facebook groups, and business associations with people who are definitely eager to help you succeed. 

Question #2 ~ Is D$ Domination another MLM?

Answer: Absolutely NOT!!  With most MLM companies, you pay a monthly membership in order to sell that companies products or services.  In order to make the "big bucks" in most MLM's it is necessary to recruit other people into the business to do the same as you.. sell the products of the company.  If you do not sell the product, you don't make any money.

D$ Domination is completely different.  First of all, with your monthly membership to DSD you are paying for knowledge, plain and simple.  Think of it like a magazine subscription.  As long as you pay you will continue to receive your monthly "magazine", but when you decide to cancel, you cancel and the knowledge that you have received will stay with you.  You will know how to do what you have learned to do.  The knowledge you receive from DSD will be used (hopefully) to create a wonderful drop-shipping business that is entirely separate from DSD.

Question #3 ~ What exactly do you do?

Answer: Short answer - You find product to sell on Amazon.  Copy and paste description onto eBay.  Wait for it to sell. Then ship the item from Amazon directly to your customer and pocket the difference.  That's it!! 

A little longer answer - There really isn't one.  When you figure out the basics and start seeing success (which you will), you can learn how to do it better, earn better money, and use more tricks.

Question #4 ~ If it's so easy why doesn't everyone do it?

Answer - Not sure.  Maybe because people are just scared of success?  Maybe because people just haven't seen how many people truly shop online?  Maybe?  I'm not certain.  It would seem that something such as this would be tried by anyone who truly wanted to make an income at home.


For less than $20 a month you can gain the knowledge needed to create a great income on the internet.  The majority of the people joining DSD are seeing results within 48 hours.  It's a simple copy and paste idea. If you already have a seasoned eBay account, you will see results faster than if you are new. 

There is no recruiting necessary.  You do not see any inventory.  The items are shipped directly from Amazon to your customer.  There are no autoships, no quotas, no need to keep up with your "downline", no parties, none of the usual nonsense associated with an online business.  This is so easy my 10-year-old son with autism can do it.

Watch the free video here:

domination ebay

Sign up and get started earning a great income at home!!

Need help with the start-up fee?  Contact me via email or Facebook.  I can help!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Work at Home is Still WORK

So many people seem to be under the impression that working at home is a forever vacation, that you're going to automatically receive pay for sitting on the couch watching your favorite soaps.

That seriously is NOT the case.  Working at home, whether you have a job or a business, is not a "free ride".  You actually have to be willing to stay committed to the task(s) at hand. 

I've had both work at home jobs and businesses.  I never received pay for doing nothing.  I'll be honest.  Not everyone can handle a work at home position.  Many are conditioned to the clock in, clock out way of the normal 9-5 job.  If you work at home you have to create your own "time clock".  You must keep yourself accountable.  It's not easy.  It's EASY to get distracted by the freedoms of being home all day.  The refrigerator, the TV, the children, pets.. all create wonderful distractions.  However, the good thing about working at home is that you can create any schedule that you wish.  You just have to be willing to STICK to that schedule.

Yes, you can have a successful work at home experience.   A few things you should absolutely do...

1. Create a schedule and be ready to stick to it.  Set alarms on your phone so you won't forget your starting time.  Some work at home tasks can be very mundane but if you wish to receive pay... those things are going to need to be done.

2. Create a work space that helps you do your best work.  No one says that you can't sit in front of the TV and work, as long as you know you can continue working as you watch.  You know yourself best. 

3. Be dedicated but remember to take breaks.  You get breaks at a real job, you should get them at home as well.  Take walks, play with your children, take a nap... just set your alarm to get back to work.

4. Congratulate yourself on your successes.  You may find it takes time to receive reliable paychecks so you may have to find other ways of feeling successful.  Did you gain some new leads?  Talk to a friend about your business?  Send out 50 postcards?  All of those things should be celebrated.

Don't give up!!  In my research in work at home I have found many things that didn't "suit me" but I  never gave up on the idea that I could earn a good living at home.  You may try a business that just doesn't work and that's okay.  Go ahead and try something else.  I'm certain there is something out there that will be exactly what you're searching for.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Several Ways to Make Money Online and You Can Start For FREE!

#1 ~ Join Enviralize FREE --> Join Enviralize By becoming a Member, you’re agreeing to participate in the program, including sharing the posts across your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Stumbleupon; if you don’t have all of them, don’t worry about it, just share on the ones you have). You’ll earn money each time you share a project to your social media pages, for each Book (or other) Review you do, and you can choose to become an Affiliate and earn even more money!


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