Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yesterday I Was Reminded Why I Hate Working For Someone Else

Yesterday was one of those days where I received a nice big kick in the pants to move forward on all those things I've been "kind of, sort of" working on.  No more putting it off until the next time I'm not doing anything else or I'm too busy because I just want to have a couch potato day.  I can't make the life I want that way.  And yesterday reminded me of that.

I work two part-time jobs, which total somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 hours a week (or more).  That and taking care of household chores and (right now) we also have a new batch of puppies to care for.  Needless to say, there isn't much time left over for the "business" side of things.

Yea, we all need to make money while we're working on a BETTER way to make money but then it (the subject of time) becomes one of those excuses as to why things aren't really getting better.

The last few days at my one job have reminded me why I do all the work at home job research that I do.  It's because people deserve to feel important, to feel that the work that they do is appreciated, and to live the life that they truly deserve.  I realized, or remembered, this when my performance was not as important as simply wanting to feel like a human being while giving them that great performance.  Maybe to an outside party it would've seemed silly but to me, it felt like I was being treated like a child in a very adult position.

Anyways, yes, people NEED to feel like people, not like robots or children or whatever.

So I've been pushed to change my schedule so I have more time to spend on the opportunities that I KNOW will complete the lifestyle I have in mind.

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