Friday, March 14, 2014

Several Ways to Start Earning At Home For FREE!

As you know I love to find ways to make money online.  Here is a short list of some great ideas that can help you get started.  Many of these are free to join/start/whatever.  You can JUST stick with the "free ones" or use the free earnings to branch out into the ones that require a startup fee.  I guarantee you, though, that these are all legit.  You WILL make money.  Even if you only generate a couple hundred dollars a month... hey, it's better than nothing, right?  And, by the way, most of these don't take much "extra time" to do.

So let's start with some FREE ideas:

#1-Open your own online boutique ! There are a couple out there that are ZERO cost to open and run and you can earn about 20-25%. You can sign up with no website fees or kits or anything. Try 

#2-Ibotta- one of several FREE Apps for your phone. This is a new way to earn money when you do your regular shopping. Totally free to join. GREAT referral program. LOVE this one! A smartphone is required.
Join Ibotta here 

Some other free apps that save you or earn you money include ReceiptHog, Jingit, Gigwalk, Field Agent, Checkpoints, Tooyoou, and Viggle. 

#3-Sponsored tweets- are you on Twitter regularly with a good amount of followers( think 500+)? Sponser tweets of your choice and earn some cash. Your amount goes up as you get more followers and post quality content.  This is so easy.  I use and love this Join sponsored tweets here!

#4- - Sell your designs or become an associate and sell their products. This has been great for my daughter who loves to draw and generate a little extra cash from her designs.

#5- Paid View Point- Easy FREE survey site and pays for referrals too. I don't normally like survey sites because they're usually boring and turn out to be a waste of time.  But this one only takes a few seconds each time and it always pays.  I've received a few checks in the mail from this site.

More ways on 

Stay tuned to my blog for more ways to earn money at home!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Many Things People Waste Money On

"My belief is that Spirit is right here in this moment, within us, surrounding us, embracing us, connecting us, and the more awake and aware we are to Spirit's presence within and around us, the more joy, abundance, and vitality we will be able to experience in our own lives. The mystics call it 'practicing the presence of God.' And to me, that is what life is all about."
~ Edwene Gaines

The many things people waste money on…
I think the last time my family and I went to McDonald’s we spent over $30.00.  Strange part of that was we didn’t even buy anything all that special.  Just a couple “happy meals”, a couple of the “value meals” (yea, right, I don’t know where the value is), and I just HAD to have a Frappe.  And that little bit came up to… I think it was $32.95.  Nuts, right?

My husband likes to “waste money” on the lottery tickets.  He likes to call it an investment.  I don’t know how many times we stop at the gas station to fill up our gas tank and he runs inside only to return with three or four scratch-offs along with a few instants for the nightly lottery drawing.  On any given trip, he will spend $15-$30, just on that silly game of chance. 

I know I’ve done some “silly spending” in my recent past.  A couple weeks ago I came across a neat little t-shirt from my favorite show, The Walking Dead.  I’m not really sure what lured me to waste money on that.  I’m usually a bit more practical.  I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 for a shirt that didn’t even fit after the first washing. 

Americans waste money on…
Americans, especially, waste billions of dollars each year on frivolous purchases or on items that provide no real value in our lives.
The habits of the average American include buying junk food, paying fines, and taking our chances at the casino.  When you compare what Americans spend money on to what people in other countries spend money on, it’s a bit sickening.
Which is why I never understand how people can be so “scared” to invest into a home business.  Suddenly, they’re the most frugal people on the planet and won’t even consider the option. 

Anything you do in life that generates income requires an upfront fee... the electric bill that gets paid when you fill out an online job application, the money spent on transportation to get to a job interview, heck there's even an upfront fee required to be a drug dealer (OK... that might be a bad example... just an environmental response). BUT... the point is that there is always a fee or an initial investment of something!  I know in the past, I had to waste money on SEVERAL trips to SEVERAL job interviews before I found and/or was accepted to the “perfect” job. 
You won’t waste money on…

THIS!  Think of this as an investment in yourself.  ANY business expense is tax deduction and really, what do you have to lose?  You may just find out this is the best thing out there since sliced bread.  LoL.  Hey, do yourself a favor, “waste money on” something that I know will be beneficial to you in the long run…

By now you are wondering what I’m leading up to, yes?  

If you're really ready to work at home, you can check out more of my blog for some wonderful work at home ideas.  Some are free, some aren't.  But don't let those start-up fees scare you.  Do you want to talk to me about some ideas?  Check into my contact info below.  I'd love to help you get started!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

We Are Kannaway

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