Friday, March 14, 2014

Several Ways to Start Earning At Home For FREE!

As you know I love to find ways to make money online.  Here is a short list of some great ideas that can help you get started.  Many of these are free to join/start/whatever.  You can JUST stick with the "free ones" or use the free earnings to branch out into the ones that require a startup fee.  I guarantee you, though, that these are all legit.  You WILL make money.  Even if you only generate a couple hundred dollars a month... hey, it's better than nothing, right?  And, by the way, most of these don't take much "extra time" to do.

So let's start with some FREE ideas:

#1-Open your own online boutique ! There are a couple out there that are ZERO cost to open and run and you can earn about 20-25%. You can sign up with no website fees or kits or anything. Try 

#2-Ibotta- one of several FREE Apps for your phone. This is a new way to earn money when you do your regular shopping. Totally free to join. GREAT referral program. LOVE this one! A smartphone is required.
Join Ibotta here 

Some other free apps that save you or earn you money include ReceiptHog, Jingit, Gigwalk, Field Agent, Checkpoints, Tooyoou, and Viggle. 

#3-Sponsored tweets- are you on Twitter regularly with a good amount of followers( think 500+)? Sponser tweets of your choice and earn some cash. Your amount goes up as you get more followers and post quality content.  This is so easy.  I use and love this Join sponsored tweets here!

#4- - Sell your designs or become an associate and sell their products. This has been great for my daughter who loves to draw and generate a little extra cash from her designs.

#5- Paid View Point- Easy FREE survey site and pays for referrals too. I don't normally like survey sites because they're usually boring and turn out to be a waste of time.  But this one only takes a few seconds each time and it always pays.  I've received a few checks in the mail from this site.

More ways on 

Stay tuned to my blog for more ways to earn money at home!!

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