Sunday, February 9, 2014

Get PAID to Post

If you like to share stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media sites - and who doesn't, right? - I may have found the perfect fit for you!!

This is absolutely FREE!!!  Just simply fill in the easy form and get started "sharing" right away.

Step 1: Click on the banner or go to

Step 2: Click on "Register" in the upper left hand corner and fill out the form.
     Note: Please remember to enter  affiliates=797 in the "who referred you?" section.

Step 3: After you finalize your registration, login and go to "Member's Area".

Step 4: Click on "Submit Your Tax ID".  This is a legit company.  If you want to get paid you must give them your SS or EN #.

Step 5: Now you can go to "Browse Posts".   You will notice at the bottom of each article is where you can share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Just click and post.  EASY PEASY!!

You earn money for posting and for people clicking on your links.  At the time of this post I've only shared 3 links and already made $4.20.  You will find your earnings if you scroll down to the bottom of the members page.

IF you want to earn more money, you have the OPTION of joining the affiliate program.  It costs $12.95 a month but you can earn $1.50 for every new Free Member that joins, and $4.00 per month for new Affiliates they refer… plus you earn extra commissions, three level deep!

 IF you have any troubles or any questions, you can contact me at or on Facebook!  Good luck!!

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