Monday, May 5, 2014

You Can Earn Money Without Spending Your Own Money

So USUALLY I talk about all these opportunities that require a little bit of an investment to get started.  I do that because USUALLY those types of opportunities have a bigger return.  I understand, though, that not everyone has money for those investments.  No matter how good the opportunity may be, if you don't have the money you just don't have the money!

How about we start with free ways to make money online?  Then, maybe, if you want to you could take some of these earnings and reinvest into something bigger and better.

Just a few ideas... Oh, and most of these don't even require a phone!! ~ If you have a bit of a following on Twitter you can make some money by tweeting for various sponsors.  The more followers you have on Twitter the more you can charge for each tweet.

Be a User Tester ~ Website owners want to know how easy (or not) their website is to navigate.  So they pay you to negotiate their site, accomplish a few little tasks, and talk about your experience. ~ There are some things that JUST cannot be done by technology.  So business owners will pay you to do little tasks for them.  Available through Amazon so you know you can trust it! ~ Do you like dogs?  This is not necessarily online but it's definitely something you can do around your own schedule.  If you have a fenced in yard and a love for man's best friend, become a Pet Sitter for Rover.

Musicxray ~ What about music?  Do you like new tunes?  Listen to new songs and earn cash!  Like the songs?  You can help the artists be better at what they do by offering tips, a fan base, or even with a little bit of cash in return.

The Pincushion ~ Work for helping customers choose items that are best for them.  Don't worry, no phone needed.  It's done all via chat or email.  If you love shopping and talking about the newest trends, this may be for you.  It's easy!

Quicktate ~ Simple work of listening to some voicemail and transcribe them.  That's it!

Okay, that's it for today.  check them out!!  And come back later for a few more ideas.  And when you get ready to reinvest in some better opportunities, let me know.  I know of a some great ones!!

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