Friday, January 31, 2014

Pass Out FREE Prescription Cards

FREE Prescription benefits and Income Opportunity
With IncareRX

1. It’s Free! Everyone is eligible for this program. There are no age or income restrictions and it’s absolutely FREE!  

2. Save from 15% up to 75%on all FDA approve drugs and DME ( Durable Medical Equipment )users get up to 90% on their meds!

3. The average savings is over 60%!
No one beats their prices, you get the most savings. A CVS card saves only 10% while the majority of all the other discount cards out there average anywhere from 30 to 45%. IncareRx Cards are different, and focus on the drugs that matter the most, including but not limited to Pain Management, Cancer, Excluded Drugs such as dermatology and ED, and those often needed Prozac’s and Xanax’s of the world. They put their patients first! InCareRx HAS THE HIGHEST OVERALL Discounts in the industry, and the lowest fees of ANY Free Prescription Drug Card – this is why they work, and you average 10 scripts per year for each person using the card.  

4. This card may be used at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains such as Eckerd Pharmacy, Target, Costco, Walmart, Walgreen, CVS, Publix, Randalls, Winn Dixie, Kroger, Albertsons, Savons, Safeway, etc and thousands of independent pharmacies all across the U.S !

5. No need to shop around! You will get the same discount no matter which participating pharmacy you go to. You will save the same going to CVS than going to Walmart for example.

6. Unlike Other Cards, IncareRx do no compete with the Pharmacies ( HIPAA Compliant )
, you can leave these at a pharmacy and they will not compete with Mail Order. It is very important to all agents to bring the pharmacies more business with more customers because they all get paid for every prescription they fill when using the cards! Think of it as a WIN-WIN-WIN situation: First the pharmacy gains customers, second you are saving huge money to those using your cards and third you and the company get paid.

7. They respect their members privacy by not sharing their personal information!
Many cards out there, specially the ones you get in the mail, will get your information and share it with other companies so they can sell you and present you offers related to you and maybe even mail order competing with the pharmacy instead of helping them out. IncareRx doesn’t.

8. No Expiration Date!
You and your family members can use the card over and over again for as long as you want. Just present it to the pharmacy and they will input it in their system with all your other information.

9. It is NOT an insurance card! It is just a savings card and can not be used in conjunction with your insurance card. You can pick and choose which one will give you the most savings. The one thing I can tell you is that this Free card is in the patient’s best interest, often with Generics even when compared to their $10, $20, and $40 Copays this card can be less than their insurance card. For those patients in the “coverage gap” or “donut hole”, this helps. Numerous drugs are not covered by insurance! For example, they saved one patient over $1000 on a drug used while they are in Chemotherapy that reduces their nausea so they can keep food down: ”$1199.99 for Ondansetron which reduces vomiting in cancer patients during chemotherapy and by making them aware of our free program, they only had to pay $198.80”

10. These have proven an Awesome lead generator –
They have realized substantial increases in DME sales where they have tested this! But it is also used to attract new leads onto other businesses as well. It’s a great way to brand youself in your home town.

11. No Deductible, No Medical Questions, No Paperwork

12. You get paid $1.20 every time your cards are being used! IncareRx has a special agreement with the pharmacies in which they will pay you for bringing them customers, and they prefer us because we don’t compete with them. You will also get 15 cents overrides when you find others that want to do the same and make extra income 2 levels deep.
Sign up to get started below! Be sure to tell them Jeannette Brooks referred you.

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