Friday, January 31, 2014

Lessons In Candy Crush

A few months ago my son invited me to play this “new” game on Facebook called “Candy Crush”. I had sworn off all Facebook games some time ago due to their time sucking nature. I remember getting hooked on Farmville and spending HOURS harvesting my crops and visiting my friends. Then glancing at the clock only to shake my head at the horrible amount of time I had just wasted on fake food. But my son asked me to check out Candy Crush, mainly because he needed a free ticket so that he could continue on with the game. As a side note he warned me “It’s addicting, Mom”.

~Never say never~

Yep, before long I’m finding myself wasting another couple hours playing my new game on Facebook. Not that I don’t play ANY games on my computer, I do. What difference does it make if I play a game on Facebook or Wild Tangent? So the one thing that I had sworn I would never do again… yea, right!! At least this one was something that I could share with my kids. I think it’s always a good thing to have a little friendly, family competition. We could see how quickly we’d complete a level and compare high scores.

Shortly after getting sucked back into the world of Facebook gaming, I was hit with another lesson…

My husband had started helping me play Candy Crush and we were completing several of the easy levels very quickly. And then we came to a level that consisted of what we referred to as “The Kraken”, or the spreading chocolate (for those of you who play). Suddenly we found ourselves trapped by chocolate for DAYS. We had created a five-level lead over our son but that chocolate was giving him plenty of time to get caught up. One day I was watching him play and I was blown away by how many “good moves” he would get. You know the constant bombs and exploding candies that wipe out half sections of the board? He would get them CONSTANTLY. And I said, “I never do that well when playing these silly games”. Did you hear what I said? Never… “I never do…” That’s what I had just told myself… “I never do well”. It hit me like a ton of bricks… hey, that negative talk can show up even when you don’t really mean it. Now this silly game was teaching me a lesson on positive thinking, too. LOL!! You just never know what life lesson you’re going to learn and when… maybe even while playing a game of Candy Crush.

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