Thursday, February 20, 2014

What You Should Know About Ds Domination


I've been asked many of the same questions in regards to my affiliation with D$ Domination.  I thought it would be good to discuss some of those inquiries here.

Question #1 ~ What exactly do you get with your membership to DSD?

Answer: The basic level (of less than $20) to DSD comes with 20+ 24/7 video training to help you get started in the drop-shipping industry incorporating the powerhouse companies of Amazon and eBay.  You also get access to several software platforms that help you get the most of your listings so that you are able to sell more items quickly and easily. On top of this there are bi-weekly webinars, Facebook groups, and business associations with people who are definitely eager to help you succeed. 

Question #2 ~ Is D$ Domination another MLM?

Answer: Absolutely NOT!!  With most MLM companies, you pay a monthly membership in order to sell that companies products or services.  In order to make the "big bucks" in most MLM's it is necessary to recruit other people into the business to do the same as you.. sell the products of the company.  If you do not sell the product, you don't make any money.

D$ Domination is completely different.  First of all, with your monthly membership to DSD you are paying for knowledge, plain and simple.  Think of it like a magazine subscription.  As long as you pay you will continue to receive your monthly "magazine", but when you decide to cancel, you cancel and the knowledge that you have received will stay with you.  You will know how to do what you have learned to do.  The knowledge you receive from DSD will be used (hopefully) to create a wonderful drop-shipping business that is entirely separate from DSD.

Question #3 ~ What exactly do you do?

Answer: Short answer - You find product to sell on Amazon.  Copy and paste description onto eBay.  Wait for it to sell. Then ship the item from Amazon directly to your customer and pocket the difference.  That's it!! 

A little longer answer - There really isn't one.  When you figure out the basics and start seeing success (which you will), you can learn how to do it better, earn better money, and use more tricks.

Question #4 ~ If it's so easy why doesn't everyone do it?

Answer - Not sure.  Maybe because people are just scared of success?  Maybe because people just haven't seen how many people truly shop online?  Maybe?  I'm not certain.  It would seem that something such as this would be tried by anyone who truly wanted to make an income at home.


For less than $20 a month you can gain the knowledge needed to create a great income on the internet.  The majority of the people joining DSD are seeing results within 48 hours.  It's a simple copy and paste idea. If you already have a seasoned eBay account, you will see results faster than if you are new. 

There is no recruiting necessary.  You do not see any inventory.  The items are shipped directly from Amazon to your customer.  There are no autoships, no quotas, no need to keep up with your "downline", no parties, none of the usual nonsense associated with an online business.  This is so easy my 10-year-old son with autism can do it.

Watch the free video here:

domination ebay

Sign up and get started earning a great income at home!!

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