Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Work at Home is Still WORK

So many people seem to be under the impression that working at home is a forever vacation, that you're going to automatically receive pay for sitting on the couch watching your favorite soaps.

That seriously is NOT the case.  Working at home, whether you have a job or a business, is not a "free ride".  You actually have to be willing to stay committed to the task(s) at hand. 

I've had both work at home jobs and businesses.  I never received pay for doing nothing.  I'll be honest.  Not everyone can handle a work at home position.  Many are conditioned to the clock in, clock out way of the normal 9-5 job.  If you work at home you have to create your own "time clock".  You must keep yourself accountable.  It's not easy.  It's EASY to get distracted by the freedoms of being home all day.  The refrigerator, the TV, the children, pets.. all create wonderful distractions.  However, the good thing about working at home is that you can create any schedule that you wish.  You just have to be willing to STICK to that schedule.

Yes, you can have a successful work at home experience.   A few things you should absolutely do...

1. Create a schedule and be ready to stick to it.  Set alarms on your phone so you won't forget your starting time.  Some work at home tasks can be very mundane but if you wish to receive pay... those things are going to need to be done.

2. Create a work space that helps you do your best work.  No one says that you can't sit in front of the TV and work, as long as you know you can continue working as you watch.  You know yourself best. 

3. Be dedicated but remember to take breaks.  You get breaks at a real job, you should get them at home as well.  Take walks, play with your children, take a nap... just set your alarm to get back to work.

4. Congratulate yourself on your successes.  You may find it takes time to receive reliable paychecks so you may have to find other ways of feeling successful.  Did you gain some new leads?  Talk to a friend about your business?  Send out 50 postcards?  All of those things should be celebrated.

Don't give up!!  In my research in work at home I have found many things that didn't "suit me" but I  never gave up on the idea that I could earn a good living at home.  You may try a business that just doesn't work and that's okay.  Go ahead and try something else.  I'm certain there is something out there that will be exactly what you're searching for.

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