Monday, March 31, 2014

I Won't Pay For Any Online Work...

... One of the many things I hear when talking about making money online.

So many people are under the impression that work should be free.  "Why would anyone pay a fee to work?" "It must be a scam if you're asking me to fork over an investment."  "All those work at home pyramid schemes, all they do is take your money and that's it."  Yadda, yadda, yadda...

While there are SOME work at home "scams" out there (and believe me I've been 'robbed' by a few of them), not EVERY work at home opportunity is a scam.  And just because they're asking you for some money, does not mean that it's a no-good pyramid scheme.

The last time I was hired for a "real" job (you know one of those that you commute to and punch a clock for), before I went to work on my first day I had to invest some of my own money into this new opportunity.  First I had to pay for the gas that went into my car so that I could drive to this new place of employment, not once, but several times (especially if you include the interview) to fill out paperwork and then of course to start my first few days on the job.  I don't recall this job handing me over any money for gas while they saw if I was a good fit for their business.  I also had to use my own money to purchase some new clothes because I had to have certain color shoes and pants to wear for this new job.  Again, this job did not offer to pay for these items.  Lastly, I recall having to purchase my own food since working outside of the home meant that I could not just grab something to eat out of my own refrigerator when I got hungry (and when my new job made me take an unpaid break - which by the way, sitting in a break room is not much of 'me time' if you ask me).  On the low end, I would say that my 'investment' totaled somewhere in the neighborhood of $100.00 of my own money before my new job decided to pay me for my work.

How much money do you spend on a daily or weekly basis going to your place of employment?

Yes, many work at home opportunities require some kind of investment (not all, there are some free ones out there).  But most of the time you do receive something in return for these expenses.  Usually you get training, a website, some sample products, and a new outlook on life.

So what do you say now?  Are you willing to take a leap of faith into something better than those traditional 'punch-a-clock' jobs?

What if I told you I knew of SEVERAL ways that you could earn a great living at HOME?  BUT you just have to be willing to hand over a little bit of your own money to get started?  I promise you I can make it worth every penny!!

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Take Care!!

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