Sunday, February 2, 2014

PPC Sites For Easy Money


I never thought I was all that into PPC sites and offers but the truth is, it’s easy and free.  If you have a few minutes a day with some downtime on your hands, why not spend it viewing some quick websites or emails?  Earn some quick points and redeem them for cash!!  Simple!
If you don’t want to worry about all the emails you’re about to receive, I highly recommend you sign up for a free “dummy” email before getting started.  You’re going to get a lot of junk mail!!

This is sort of the “Little Black Book” of all PTC sites.  After you register with PTCProfessor, you’ll find a list of other PPC sites neatly listed for you (click on DLB/PTC Sites).  You can register for each one and then easily enter in your own affiliate IDs to get credit from your referrals.
TIP:  Be sure to read Prof. B’s PTC Guide!

A few others that aren’t on the PTCProfessor site…


A little into PPC Sites

Some PPC sites allow you to click through quickly so you can more or less earn credit for the pages opening in the background.  Some don’t and “force” you to view them one by one.  You learn which is which pretty quickly.  Most of the time you can pretty much do other things while you wait for your PPC credit.  Whenever possible, I open up a bunch of pages all at once, do a little messing around on Facebook (for example), wait a couple minutes, and then go back and claim all my points and/or earnings.   PTC can get kind of boring but look at it this way... You could be playing Facebook games or earning or a few cents by just clicking through some sites.  Hm??  Which one are you going to do?  Some PPC sites also offer you the option to earn advertising exposure.  What a great way to get your own website out there!!

Looking for more to add to your PPC Site Index?

Try doing some simple tasks for pay.  Some sites to check into…

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